The 31st Annual
April 15 - 16, 2019
Experience Spring in Washington DC!

Instead of slowing down, the pace of food labeling changes has accelerated over the past year.
Industry, consumers and regulators all seem super-charged to change the status quo.

From a new Bioengineering (GMO) labeling rule to boundary-pushing innovations contesting traditional jurisdictions, to a nearing deadline for Nutrition Label Reform, the industry is challenged as never before.
At the same time, consumer scrutiny of undefined claims is at its height, with new class action lawsuits being filed over an increasing number of claim types.

That is why the 2019 Food Label Conference has dedicated itself to both strategic thinking and distilling down some rational common sense - in its general sessions, breakouts and seminars.

Come hear from government regulators, lawyers and industry experts as they attempt to make sense of this turbulent time. Learn about the latest trends and best practices, and network with your peers across the food industry supply chain.

You can't afford to miss this two-day conference as it brings together everything you need to know about food labeling!

  • FDA, USDA, FTC regulators' and industry experts' take on government intent, regulation policies and enforcement priorities
  • Real world lessons learned and best practices.....across the supply chain
  • Private label brand owner / supplier networking & interactive small group sessions
  • Hands-on, in-depth breakout sessions on a wide variety of specialized subjects
  • Valuable networking opportunities with regulators, experts, and peers
  • Optional training on nutrition labeling, transition strategies, USDA & FDA labeling, and more
  • Sightseeing, music and other entertainment in optional evening programs, located in the heart of Washington DC

What Our Attendees Say

I can’t recommend coming to this conference enough - whether you’re early in your career, mid-career, or late career, because there’s always something new to learn . . .  USDA employees and Prime Label employees can get back to you, and that’s fantastic.
Karen Creswick
Compliance & Labeling Specialist - JMH International
Prime Label is the one source of truth, so I think it’s really important to attend a conference like PLC’s.
Marriott Winchester
Principal - MWW Advisors
It’s not only informative [for] the annual updates, ... the value add that information provides, and the solice you get from speaking directly with the USDA or FDA, ... but it’s really the comradery and the relationships you establish with all the other people that have like questions ... you gain the understanding that everyone is suffering from the same uncertainty and you know that you can actually reach out to not only FSIS but your fellow friends that have the same issues.
Seth Dodds
Regulatory Specialist - Plumrose
I am really excited to be here and to be able to geek out on regulatory.
Elaine Chao
Regulatory Affairs Technologist - Kagome
This conference provides General Sessions with expertise from both Regulators and the Food Industry. In addition, individually tailored small sessions on various issues are explored in detail. The conference has always been a valuable tool for training staff and for interactions with other industry members.
Lamar Hendricks
Director of Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety - Sara Lee Corporation (Retired)
This conference is excellent for networking ...[and] keeping up on the administrative rulings that are coming out, as well as final rules and proposed rules.
Justin Crews
Regulatory and Compliance Manager - Wellshire Farms
I decided to attend the Prime Label Conference this year for the first time because ... I really wanted to get an insight in how companies are thinking through some of the trending regulatory issues facing the food industry today. It is giving me some ideas about how I am going to work with my clients going forward.
Brain Sylvester
Special Counsel - Wiley Rein LLP



Corporate Marketing Manager  
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Director of Regulatory & Labeling 
Executive Brand Manager 
Regulatory & Nutrition Manager
Labeling Specialist 

International Marketing Specialist 
Graphic Engineer 
Document Control Administrator 
Global Product Compliance Mgr 
HACCP Coordinator 
Executive Director of R&D
Menu Labeling Manager

Laboratory Director 
General Counsel 
Director of Quality Assurance 
Labeling & Nutrition Program Leader 
Manager - Graphic Process 
Chief Science Officer 
New Product Manager   
Food Technologist / Scientist 
Food Safety Manager  
R&D-Tech Services  
Chief Flavor Officer 
Regulatory Affairs Project Leader  
Label & Claim Substantiation Mgr 
Technical Services Supervisor  
USDA Food Technologist
Vice President of Operations
Chief Quality Officer

Abbott Nutrition 
ADM / Wild Flavors
Advanced Food Systems 
Agra Informa 
Ajinomoto Windsor
Athens Foods 
ATK Foods 
Bellisio Foods 
Berks Packing 
Bernardi Italian Foods 
Boar's Head 
Bob Evans Farms 
Bob's Red Mill  
Buddy's Kitchen 
Burke Corporation 
Cavendish Farms 
Classic Foods 
Columbus Foods 
ConAgra Foods 
Congressional Offices 
Cooper Farms 
Creminelli Fine Meats 
CTI Foods
Cuisine Solutions 
Custom Culinary 
Custom Made Meals 
Damascus Bakery 
Diestel Turkey Ranch 
Dunkin Brands
EAS Consulting Group 
Ed Miniat 
Eddy Packing 
Engelhart Gourmet
Flying Food Group

Fresh and Easy 
Fresh Creative Foods 
Fresh Mark 
Frisch's Restaurants 
Frontera Foods 
Frozen Specialties 
Gamay Food Ingredients
General Mills 
Giorgio Foods 
GNP Company 
Golden State Foods 
Griffith Laboratories 
Hans Kissle 
Hillshire Brands 
Hot Mama's Foods 
Illes Seasonings & Flavors 
Indiana Packers 
Int'l Flavors & Fragrances 
InterTribal Buffalo Council 
J & J Snack Foods
Jack Link Snacks 
Jennie-O Turkey  
JMH International 
Johanna Foods 
Johnsonville Sausage 
Jones Dairy Farm 
JTM Food Group
Kayem Foods 
Kellogg Company 
Keystone Foods

King Arthur Flour  
Koch Foods 
Kraft Heinz 
Label Insight
Lifespice Ingredients 
Little Lady Foods 
Lopez Foods 
Lower Foods 
Maple Leaf Farms 
McCain Foods
McKee Foods 
MegaMex Foods 
Morgan Foods 
Morgan Lewis & Bockius 
National Beef 
Next Phase
Newly Weds Foods 
Niman Ranch 
Noodles & Company 
NSF International
Oberto Brands 
Organic Valley 
Overhill Farms 
Pacific Natural Foods 
Paige Food Service 
Perdue Foods 
Phillips Resources 
Pilgrim's Pride 
Pinnacle Foods 
Plumrose USA 
Publix Super Markets
Quaker Maid Meats 

Ready Pac Foods
Reinhart Foodservice 
Request Foods 
Reser's Fine Foods 
Rich Products 
Ruiz Food Products 
Sanderson Farms 
Sargento Foods 
Seaboard Foods 
Sensient Flavors 
Settlers Jerky 
Skyline Chili 
Smithfield Foods 
Sopakco Foods 
Southeastern Mills 
Stampede Meat 
Taylor Farms 
The Suter Company 
Tyson Foods 
Vantage Foods 
Vaughan Foods 
Vienna Beef 
Wayne Farms 
Wegmans Markets 
Wellshire Farms
Where Food Comes  
Whitsons Culinary 
Whole Foods Market 
Wild Flavors 
Windsor Foods 
Wisdom Natural


Tentative Agenda **

Add-On Training
Sunday April 14

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Main Conference Day 1 **
Monday April 15

8:00 – 10:00 am 

10:00 – 12:00 pm 

1:10 pm - 2:00 pm 
2:10 pm - 3:00 pm 
3:10 pm - 4:00 pm 
4:10 pm - 5:00 pm 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

FDA Nutrition Labeling & Regulations Update
New Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard
Future of Food Panel
Dealing with Blurring Regulatory Boundaries - Industry Panel
Topic Tables
Breakout Session 1
Breakout Session 2
Breakout Session 3
Breakout Session 4
Cocktail Networking Reception with Private Label Brands
Ford's Theater "Into the Woods" *

Main Conference Day 2 **
Tuesday April 16

7:00 am – 7:50 am
8:00 am – 11:00am

11:10 - 12:00 pm
1:10 pm - 2:00 pm 
2:10 pm - 3:00 pm 
3:10 pm - 4:00 pm 

Add-On Training
Wednesday April 17

* optional; additional fees apply
** tentative agenda

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General Session Descriptions **

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FDA Nutrition Claims and Label Reform Update

Invited - Nutrition Program Staff, CFSAN, FDA
This session features the latest from FDA's Nutrition Program Staff. They will cover new Nutrition Label Reform challenges and guidances, health and nutrient content claims (including the process to petition for new claims), dietary fiber news, and more.

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National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard

Invited - Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA
For the first time in the US, industry will need to disclose food's bioengineered BE status (containing BE ingredients) on packages. This session will cover the specifics of the new rule, the options for disclosing this information and the deadline the industry must meet for compliance with this new law.

empty box

USDA Labeling & Regulations Update

Labeling and Program Delivery Staff, FSIS, USDA
Over the past year, the USDA has been busy proposing and evolving guidance on GMO, animal production claims and generic label approval. This session will provide an update regarding USDA’s new and pending policies, enforcement priorities and government intent regarding new and proposed rules.

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USDA Labeling and Program Delivery Staff Q & A

Members of the Labeling and Program Delivery Staff, FSIS, USDA
A hallmark of the conference since 1989, USDA staff labeling experts will respond to the audience’s food and nutrition labeling questions, and clarify labeling gray areas and unwritten rules. Walk through what the USDA is thinking and how policy makers make the decisions they do.

empty box

Risk Mitigation and Legal Outlook in an Evolving Environment

Robert Hibbert, Partner at Morgan Lewis and Tony Pavel, Senior Food Lawyer, Cargill
This year the food industry is challenged to balance regulatory and marketplace demands in an increasingly litigious environment. This session will give a legal perspective and risk assessment of new regulations, food standard controversies, marketplace trends and technologies, and assess the initiatives of the new administration, two years in.

Tracks: 4 Day Packages






This year we have 5 tracks to help guide your conference and training experience. Sign up for one of our professional tracks and enjoy 4 days of stimulating content at a substantial discount! If you are new to Regulatory, choose between FDA or USDA tracks. Dietitians and nutrition specialists will find our Nutrition track appropriate, while Product Marketing managers and Graphics Design professionals will want to sign up for the Marketing track. Our final track - for Experts - is designed to be a la carte for maximum customization. Reference our downloadable Track Guide below to help determine your Breakout and Add-on Seminar selections. Attendees can also sign up for all 4 days, which will save a significant $400 off the regular price. 

Breakout Sessions **

** Tentative list of breakouts (speakers TBD) - typically we have over 30 of these small group, interactive sessions.

empty box

Added Sugar Rules & Strategies

Tracks: Nutrition, Expert 
The definition of Added Sugar has been vastly debated since the publication of FDA’s final rule for nutrition labeling. Since then, the agency has continued to release additional guidance to facilitate implementation of the rules. This session will use examples and case studies to explain the FDA’s definition of Added Sugars, propose best practices for troubleshooting data collection, and highlight strategies for optimizing nutrition facts panel sugar declarations.

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Allergen & Gluten Free Labeling

Tracks: Nutrition, FDA 
Most everyone is familiar with the Big 8 food allergens and labeling requirements, but there are some new food allergies emerging and there are concerns about use of advisory statements on foods. Learn about these and the differences between US and other countries’ requirements for allergen labeling and learn what things to be cognizant of when developing accurate allergen labeling on foods.

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Best Practices: Manufacturer - Ingredient Supplier Collaboration

Tracks: FDA, USDA, Expert 
Growth in rapid development and marketing of new product claims has added strain to the ingredient sourcing and regulatory workflow. Building effective and efficient communication paths is necessary to managing this critical coordination. This session will focus on the best practices for relationship management between manufacturer and ingredient supplier and highlight data-driven dependencies and record keeping strategies.

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Best Practices: Marketing - Regulatory Collaboration

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, Expert 
Turn conflict into creative compliance and position products in the best light. This session is intended to explore best practices for marketing and regulatory teams to fulfill a shared goal –  to ensure that products are in compliance while keeping them competitive in the marketplace.

empty box

Best Practices: Private Label - Supplier Collaboration

Tracks: FDA, USDA, Expert 
With rapid growth in Private Label, Brand Owners as well as Manufacturers face a unique challenge to collaboratively revise all labels in a short time frame. Explore best practices for coordination and conflict resolution across the supply chain.

empty box

Bioengineered Food Disclosure

Tracks: FDA, USDA, Expert 
An important follow-up to the USDA General Session overview of the new Bioengineered Food Disclosure requirements, this session will provide a legal perspective on the new regulation. An attorney will focus on the impact of this rule on industry, as well as risk considerations and implementation concerns.

empty box

Cannabis & CBD in Food - the Law, the Science and the Hype

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Cannabidiol (CBD) is the newest food craze. Find out why CBD-infused products could hold both promise and peril, what we know about the science behind the hype, and what remains to be seen. Learn about the confusing legal and regulatory framework surrounding CBD, and the rules of the road about adding it to food products.

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Child Nutrition (School Lunch) Labeling Overview

Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Discover the ins and outs of Child Nutrition labeling from the administrators themselves. Explore how CN labeling works and its advantages. Learn about the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) quality control program and the CN label application process. Find out where to obtain information and discuss some frequently asked questions.

empty box

Clean & Cultured Meat: Trends and Regulatory Implications

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Clean meat is meat that is grown in laboratories from animal cells and is born out of a desire to find environmentally friendly alternatives to animal husbandry. It is still in development, but start-ups working on it say it could be coming within the year. This session will explore the consumer drivers, technologies and regulatory impact of cell-based agriculture.

empty box

Clean Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
There is no regulatory definition for clean labeling. But the truth is, consumer demand for easy-to-understand ingredient statements and trustworthy labels isn't going anywhere. When it comes to meeting what consumers want, it is a lot easier said than done. This session will cover the technical realities associated with the concept of a “clean” label from an R&D and Regulatory perspective.

empty box

Dietary Fiber Rules & Strategies for the New NFP

Tracks: FDA, Nutrition, Expert 
Dietary Fiber is one of the most complex aspects of labeling products with the new nutrition facts panel. While most commonly used fibers now meet the definition, manufacturers must still consider the impact on their product formulas, compliance timelines and marketing claims and how to deal with non-digestible carbohydrates that have not been approved. This session will address the intricacies of the revised Dietary Fiber Definition and how to translate this into labeling.

empty box

EZ Form Compliance Software

Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Discover how this powerful regulatory software can streamline your labeling process by providing required forms, labels and Nutrition Facts Panels, updated for the new rule. Learn how EZ Form's smart checks and record keeping can save you time and increase your compliance. Get access to EZ Form's programmer to answer your advanced questions, and learn tips and tricks for optimizing this powerful label compliance tool.

empty box

FDA Product Labeling Q & A

Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, Expert 
Find out the answers to those nagging questions about your FDA labels. From product naming to claims and allergens, bring your specific questions to be answered by a PLC Consultant.

empty box

Flavor Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, Expert 
Flavor labeling tops the charts as one of the most common complicated aspects of product labeling. This session will cover flavor descriptors and the laws governing labeling and specific situations including food allergens, flavoring agents, ingredient classifications, flavor categories, organic, kosher and halal.

empty box

Food Service & Sample Product Labeling

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
What are the differences between Food Service and retail? If your company sends samples to customers or trade shows - what are the USDA labeling requirements and FDA best practices? Dive into the different rules for exterior and interior product labeling, best practices for claims and the labeling of experimental products.

empty box

FTC: Advertising & Claims

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Learn about the FTC rules on advertising and how they apply to your food package artwork and claims. Find out what the FTC's enforcement priorities are and learn the subtleties of online marketing and social media.

empty box

Graphics Optimization for Food Labels

Tracks: Marketing
With available real-estate on the food label at a premium due to proliferation of new claims and regulatory requirements, fitting all of the features onto a package is a huge challenge. This session will cover best-practices for feature placement and fit, and how to troubleshoot graphics when issues arise. Bring your graphic design questions to the Q&A in this session.

empty box

International: Canadian Labeling Revisions

Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing, Expert 
Understand new Canadian nutrition and ingredient labeling regulations and learn how they differ from labeling in the US, including the new Nutrition Facts Table format, ingredient list changes, and allergen declarations. Discuss the subtleties of formulating products for Canada and some of the special issues that apply. Understand what resources are available to you to ensure your Canadian labels are compliant.

empty box

International: European Union Labeling

Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing, Expert 
Understand European Union nutrition and ingredient labeling regulations and learn how they differ from labeling in the US, including Nutrition Facts, ingredient lists, and allergen declarations. Discuss the subtleties of formulating products for the EU and some of the special issues that apply. Understand what resources are available to you to ensure your EU labels are compliant.

empty box

International: Mexico and Latin America Labeling

Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing, Expert 
Understand nutrition and ingredient labeling regulations in Mexico and Latin America and learn how they differ from labeling in the US, including the Nutrition Facts, ingredient lists, and allergen declarations. Discuss the subtleties of formulating products for these markets and some of the special issues that apply. Understand what resources are available to you to ensure your labels for Mexico and Latin America are compliant.

empty box

Marketplace Trends in FDA & USDA Product Claims

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Learn about the latest innovations in FDA and USDA product labeling trends. Discuss the consumer drivers behind these trends and how the food industry is responding. Delve into the subtleties of the newest food claims and explore alternatives to satisfy market demand.

empty box

Meal Kits & Emerging Distribution Channels

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Meal kits, direct-to-consumer, and online marketplaces are increasingly popular. Without a clear definition or agency jurisdiction, industry has been left to fill in the gaps while regulators have been playing catch-up.This breakout will discuss recent regulatory guidance on meal kit labeling requirements, the retail store exemption and the interaction of USDA, FDA, state and local regulations on these products.

empty box

 Natural Labeling Complexities

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Understand the ins and outs of Natural labeling. Explore the differences between FDA and USDA definitions of “Natural”. Discuss the impact on retail, restaurants and customer perception, and explore the pros and cons of this contentious claim.

empty box

Nutrition Facts Panel Optimization

Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Nutrition Label Reform has upended two decades of NFP/packaged product optimization and revealed new labeling challenges with serving size changes and the new mandatory dual column requirement. Food companies are back at the drawing board to synchronize their nutrition labeling with their target markets. This case study driven session will illustrate how nutrition takes center stage when implementing the new rules and opportunities to mitigate negative impact.

empty box

Nutrient Claims & the New Nutrition Facts

Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing 
Understand the FDA and USDA requirements for this well-defined set of claims and how the new NFP rule will impact them. Dive into expressed versus implied claims, such as Lean, Low Fat, Sodium, and Omega claims, amongst others. Explore relative claims and Front of Package nutrient claims and the subtleties of their different requirements.

empty box

Nutrient Data and the New NFP: Lab vs. Calculation

Tracks: Nutrition, Expert
Explore the integrity of the Nutrition Panel by understanding the differences between calculated and analytical methods of producing nutrient data. Discuss the various sources of nutrient data, different classes of ingredients, and issues of nutrient variability. Understand how the new NFP rule will impact lab analysis and your record-keeping systems.

empty box

Online Labeling, Marketing and the Digital Shelf

Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Engaging customers or selling products online through new distribution channels requires careful consideration. What makes a food label compliant on the web, social media, or on mobile - and who is enforcing the regulations? Learn requirements and best practices for e-commerce and managing compliance for digital product assets.

empty box

Organic Claims

Tracks: Marketing, FDA , USDA, Expert 
Explore the intricacies of Organic, Certified, and Verified claims, including the certification process, documentation, types of claims and the subtleties of this labeling.

empty box

Private Label Supplier Meetings

Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing, Expert 
Come meet the regulatory and packaging teams of Private Label brands and learn critical information about doing business with them. Topics covered may include (but are not limited to) NLR rollout expectations, labeling best practices, regulatory preferences and IT tips and tricks for submitting products. Stay tuned for Private Label brand schedules.

empty box

Product Naming for FDA & USDA Foods

Tracks: FDA , USDA, Marketing
Explore USDA and FDA regulations on product naming and standards of identity. Find out the difference between common and usual, descriptive, standard, and fanciful names and what conventions are required for each. Learn about the components of identity statements, including many types of qualifiers.

empty box

Proposition 65

Tracks: Expert 
For products sold in the state of California, compliance with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, or Proposition 65, is essential to mitigate litigation risk. Come and learn the important challenges to the published list of substances, recent changes to the clear and reasonable warnings requirements, and how your food or packaging may be impacted.

empty box

Recalls, Warning Letters & Enforcement Actions

Tracks: FDA, Expert 
FDA has multiple initiatives for monitoring manufacturer compliance and communicating violations of FDA regulations. Learn more about key tools available for compliance including blockchain technology, trends in enforcement, best practices for preparing for and responding to recalls and the impact of recalls on brand integrity.

empty box

Third Party Certifications & Claims

Tracks: FDA, USDA, Marketing
With more and more consumers demanding independent validation, third party certification (including gluten free, non-GMO, process verification, and ingredient quality claims) is a growing trend. The session will provide an overview of how third party certification programs work, how to find a provider, and manage the process. Learn which claims can be certified and what common certification criteria looks like. Discuss best practices for a certification audit.

empty box

USDA Animal Production, Raising & Grading Claims

Tracks: USDA, Marketing 
Discuss the complexity of Animal Production and Breed Raising claims such as Cage-Free Poultry, Free-Range, No Added Hormones or Antibiotics, Humanely Raised, Certified Angus and others. Find out the latest in USDA grading claims.

empty box

USDA Export Labeling

Tracks: USDA, Expert 
Discover the latest in USDA export requirements, including the intricacies of labeling, customs documentation, online resources & systems, and the new PHIS export module.

empty box

USDA Generic Labeling Update

Tracks: USDA 
Find out the latest enforcement priorities, requirements and best practices for the expanded generic rule. Explore generic eligibility and compliance, and discuss enforcement subtleties with FSIS.  Understand what you need to do to keep thorough records and discuss strategies to reduce risk.

empty box

USDA Product Labeling Q & A

Tracks: Nutrition, USDA, Expert
Explore the ins and outs of USDA labeling - such as product names and qualifiers; undefined RACC and nutrient claims; negative, uncured, organic and natural claims. Bring your specific questions on the subtleties of labeling to our industry and PLC experts.

Networking Events

Sunday April 14

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Monday April 15

12:00 noon   
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm 
7:30 pm – 10 pm 

Tuesday April 16

* additional cost

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Illuminated Bus Tour of Washington DC *

Sunday April 14, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Witness Washington's magnificent monuments and federal buildings at the most dramatic time of day. We'll enjoy the commentary and insights of an experienced guide while riding aboard a luxury motorcoach. A boxed snack and full complement of beverages is included. Step off the coach and visit the memorials by night as well as the Kennedy Center. Tickets are limited.

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Cocktail Networking Reception

Monday April 15, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Network with conference attendees and the labeling and regulatory teams of PLC's private label retail partners during a complimentary cocktail reception (with open bar and appetizers). Join up into small groups afterwards and continue your conversations over dinner. Sponsored by sgsco.

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Fords Theater "Into the Woods" *

Monday April 15, 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
See Tony award-winning show Into the Woods at the historic Ford's Theater, where President Lincoln was famously assassinated. Into the Woods is a musical by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine. The musical intertwines the plots of several fairy tales, exploring the consequences of the characters' wishes and quests. Options include touring Ford Theater's historic Lincoln museum during performance breaks. Tickets are limited.

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Lunch Topic Tables

Monday & Tuesday April 15 & 16, noon - 1 pm
For those attendees who want even more content, we will be designating some tables at lunch for affinity groups to discuss hot topics such as Clean labeling, Child Nutrition, Sustainability, Canadian labeling, Seafood labeling, etc. Attendees can choose to join one of these tables for networking discussions.

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Hot Breakfast Session: Streamlining Food Label Workflow with Pilgrim's Pride and ManageArtworks

Tuesday 16, 7:00 am - 7:50 am
Join the conversation with Pilgrim's Pride and ManageArtworks as they describe their journey of selecting and implementing an artwork management system for label approval. This collaborative workflow system engages internal and external users and facilitates rules based regulatory compliance automation. RSVP is required as space is limited. Sponsored by ManageArtworks.

Register Now!

Invited Speakers & Moderators *

* Preliminary list of speakers & moderators - typically we have over 50 professionals from government and industry presenting topics at the Food Label Conference.

Lynn Szybist, FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

Elizabeth Sanger, Bureau of Consumer Protection, FTC

Richard Boyd, USDA-AMS, Child Nutrition Division

Trish Tung-Tayman, USDA-AMS, Child Nutrition Division

Sarah Fong, USDA-AMS, Child Nutrition Division

Lesley Good, USDA-AMS, Child Nutrition Division

Rosalyn Murphy-Jenkins, Director of LPDS, USDA-FSIS

Jeff Canavan, Deputy Director of LPDS, USDA-FSIS

Tammie Ballard, USDA-FSIS 

Melinda Mallon, USDA-FSIS

Tawana Harrington, USDA-FSIS

Janice Fabina, USDA-FSIS

Kierra Lucas, USDA-FSIS

Jessica Forshee, PhD, IEPDS, USDA-FSIS

Robert Hibbert, Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

Ryan Fournier, Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP

Tony Pavel, Cargill

Jesse Waller, Cargill

Karen Brennan, Albertsons

Kantha Shelke, PhD, Corvus Blue LLC

Patricia Phillips, Phillips Resources
Heather Dunaway, Sysco
Kathleen Crossman, FONA

Tom Hofer, PurFoods, LLC

Jennifer Kiebles, McCain Foods USA
Melissa Brown, Smithfield
Brian Sylvester, Wiley Rein LLP

Michael Geibelson, Robins Kaplan LLP
Irina Mazur, SPINS LLC
Xochitl Javier, SPINS
Savannah Bland, Eddy Packing Company, Inc.
Phil Daniel, TechLinkUSA
Keith Persons, Eurofins

Kerby Newcomb-Frederick, AmeriQual Group LLC

Evangelia Pelonis, Keller and Heckman LLP

James Riva, Where Food Comes From, Inc

Justin Crews, Wellshire Farms

Richard Young, JTM Food Group

Katy Olinski, Topco Associates LLC

Brian DiCrescenzo, Topco Associates LLC

Erin Taraborrelli, NSF International

Susan Van Ryswyk, NSF International

Jonathan Lackie, QAI
Jared Bock, Resers

Christina Bechtold, Prime Label Consultants

Jesse Zuehlke, PhD, Prime Label Consultants

Fred Mosher, Prime Label Consultants

Lisa Weller, Prime Label Consultants

Taylor Hart, Prime Label Consultants

Callie Kambanis, Prime Label Consultants

Brent St. Amant, Prime Label Consultants

David Schnorbus, Prime Label Consultants

Celia Yau, Prime Label Consultants

Caitlin Diederich, Prime Label Consultants

Private Label Partnership Program (PLPP)

PLC’s Private Label Partnership Program was created to maximize opportunities for Brand Owners to connect face-to-face with Private Label Suppliers at the annual Food Label Conference, the leading event for labeling and compliance professionals.

Eight Private Label Partners are hosts of the Monday evening Cocktail Networking Reception, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm. Conference attendees will be able to network with private label retail partners during a complimentary cocktail reception (with open bar and appetizers). Join up into small groups afterwards and continue your conversations over dinner.

In addition, Karen Brennan of Albertsons and Jared Bock of Resers will present a breakout session on Best Practices: Private Label - Supplier Collaboration on Monday April 15 at 4:10 pm and Tuesday April 16 at 2:10 pm.


USDA Labeling Basics

Sunday April 14th 
Tracks: USDA 
Instructor: Lisa Weller, MS, & Callie Kambanis, Prime Label Consultants

USDA labeling can be very confusing with many different sources for rules, policies, and regulations. Stakes can be high with generic labels no longer having FSIS's stamp of approval. In addition, local inspectors are giving added scrutiny to labels, and the risk of Noncompliance Records is greater than ever. Learn the fundamentals of USDA labeling in this seminar. Our seminar covers:

  • Details of required and optional label features
  • How to obtain the appropriate type of approval - sketch, generic, or temporary
  • Essential record keeping ​practices and completing the 7234​-1​ ​form ​to assure rapid approvals and successful ​label ​audits
  • Picking a product name - standardized, common or usual, descriptive, and fanciful​ - and ​required ​product name qualifiers
  • ​Considerations for nutrition labeling and the current regulatory status for USDA
  • Ingredient ​declaration requirements and labeling of specific types of ingredients (e.g. spices, flavors)​
  • Restricted ingredients and how to calculate the appropriate levels to assure compliance
  • Special statements and claims

...and much more!

empty box

Nutrition Labeling for FDA & USDA Foods

Sunday April 14th
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Instructor: Caitlin Diederich, MS, RDN, LDN & Taylor Hart, Prime Label Consultants 

This comprehensive course gives participants a thorough understanding of nutrition labeling for retail food products under federal regulation - the result: nutrition labeling that meets federal requirements, helps consumers, and maximizes your product positioning. This seminar covers:

  • Requirements for nutrition labeling and selecting the correct program
  • Nutrition Label Reform changes and conversion considerations
  • Methods of nutritional analysis
  • Proper declaration of mandatory and optional nutrients
  • Determination of serving size and servings per container
  • Dual column labeling
  • Nutrition Facts Panel formatting
  • Nutrient content claims and health claims

...and much more!

empty box

Leading vs Bleeding Edge Labeling and Marketing Claims

Sunday April 14th
Tracks: Marketing, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Instructors: Robert Hibbert, Morgan Lewis and Anthony Pavel, Cargill 

With the explosion of product claims and the trends toward clean labeling, publishing compliant, competitive claims can be challenging. The top food lawyers will present the latest on what the USDA and FDA allow and what enforcement actions agencies and the courts are taking. This seminar is appropriate for marketing, labeling & legal staff and will cover:

  • Nutrient & health claims, requirements & common pitfalls
  • Organic, animal production & grading claims
  • Allergens, natural & ingredient claims
  • Product naming trends & processing claims
  • Romance copy, vignettes & website best practices

...and much more!

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Canadian Labeling

Sunday April 14th 
Tracks: Expert 
Instructor: Erin Taraborrelli, NSF International

Canada has recently updated its food labeling requirements. In addition, it is up to food manufacturers to ensure their product labels are compliant before they go to market, and the regulations can be difficult to interpret. Learn the regulations that govern food labeling in Canada, the differences with US labeling and CFIA enforcement. This seminar covers:

  • The regulations that govern food labeling in Canada
  • Mandatory label features including compliant common names
  • Regulations on claims including nutrient content, organic, Non-GMO
  • Standardized and non-standardized products
  • Differences with US labeling
  • Upcoming changes to the labeling regulations
  • CFIA enforcement

...and much more!

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New Bioengineered (GMO) Disclosure: Working Session for Best Practices Across the Supply Chain

Wednesday April 17th
Tracks: FDA, USDA, Expert 
Instructor: Jesse Zuehlke PhD, General Manager, Prime Label Consultants

After hearing from government authors and legal experts on the new BE rule during the main conference, this seminar will focus on assessing the pros and cons of implementation strategies and developing a tactical roadmap that works across the entire supply chain. Starting with an overview of the new rule, we will take a working group approach to understanding what has been done already and best practices to coordinate across multiple constituencies and information platforms.This full day session includes:    

  • Overview of new National Bioengineered Disclosure Standard - requirements, timeline & enforcement
  • Planning the transition across supply chain interdependencies
  • Tracking ingredient data
  • Disclosure standards - pros & cons of online vs. packaged label options
  • Managing changing government disclosure requirements
  • Enforcement risk mitigation

...and much more!

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Nutrition Label Reform for USDA Foods

Wednesday April 17th
Tracks: Nutrition, Marketing, USDA, Expert 
Instructor: Christina Bechtold, CEO Prime Label Consultants

While USDA companies are starting to adopt Nutrition Label Reform, the absence of a final USDA nutrition rule makes this much more difficult. After three years and thousands of Nutrition Facts panels, Prime Label understands these nuances and subtleties and has a wealth of best practices to share. It is important to get it right - from brand image, label design and format, and additional onerous record keeping requirements - companies must decide how to relabel products, or to repackage, reformulate or remove them from shelves. In this session, we will explore the impact of these new rules, how to adjust to USDA requirements and proactively position products in their best light. Areas covered in this seminar will include:

  • Overview of Nutrition Label Reform changes and nuances for USDA products
  • New definitions of added sugars, dietary fiber, and other vitamins and minerals
  • Case studies highlighting impact on product identity of new serving sizes, panel formats, added sugars, etc.
  • Strategies for optimizing Nutrition Facts panel changes to your brand's advantage
  • Getting accurate data and synchronizing schedules across the food supply chain to ensure timely conversion
  • Workflow considerations and strategies to streamline processes

...and much more

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FDA Labeling Basics

Wednesday April 17th 
Tracks: FDA
Instructor: Lisa Weller, MS, Prime Label Consultants

FDA labeling can be complex, with requirements for label features ranging from very strict to undefined or highly ambiguous. In addition, the enforcement date is quickly approaching for the new Nutrition Label regulations, and claims are also a moving target with many subtleties in wording and design. Learn the fundamentals of FDA labeling in this seminar. Our content covers:

  • Details of required label features and compliance gray-zones
  • Picking a product name - standardized, common or usual, descriptive, and fanciful
  • Flavor qualifiers and how to tell if your products need them
  • Overview of the new Nutrition Labeling regulations and recent guidance updates
  • Special statements and claims and their current regulatory statuses
  • Ingredient ​declaration requirements and labeling of specific types of ingredients, including flavors, colors, spices, and more
  • Requirements for feature placement and sizing rules

...and much more!

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School Lunch (CN) Labeling

Wednesday April 17th
Tracks: Nutrition, FDA, USDA, Expert 
Instructor: Patricia Phillips, Phillips Resources 

The Trump administration has recently changed US school lunch requirements.Come learn about these changes as well as get a primer on complicated, highly specialized Child Nutrition regulations. Learn the what, how and why of CN labeling and Product Formulation Statements in this full day seminar, as well as alternatives to a CN label. This training is relevant for new employees responsible for CN labeling, or for a company just exploring the school lunch market.

  • Deconstructing School Lunch complexity in response to the recent changes
  • Writing, revising & monitoring the required quality control program
  • Obtaining a CN number
  • Applying for & streamlining your CN label approvals
  • What is required on the CN label and 7234 form
  • Documentation requirements for purchased ingredients
  • Calculating the CN (meat, vegetable & bread) label credit
  • Updates on unpublished changes in policy

...and much more!

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Label Graphics: from NFPs to Names to Claims, and more

Wednesday April 17th (8:30 am - 12:00pm - half day)
Tracks: Marketing 
Instructors: Brian DiCrescenzo & Katy Olinski, Topco Associates LLC
FDA and USDA food label regulations have stringent content requirements and must comply with size, color, language, and location rules. In addition, the new nutrition facts panel is 5% to 100% larger than existing formats, which creates challenges fitting all label features on a package. In this half day seminar, learn tips and tricks for graphic design of food labels in the United States:

  • FDA & USDA mandatory label formatting requirements
  • Requirements for font prominence, feature placement, and relative size rules
  • New NFP Graphics - type style and size, use of boldface, lines and bars, arrangement of Information, column headings, footnote, alignment and indentations
  • Claims formatting

...and much more!



Main Conference: April 15 - 16, 2019

$1,995 Regular Registration  (after January 1, 2019) 
$1,895 Early Bird Registration (before January 1, 2019 - use Coupon Code: EARLYBIRD)
$2,195 Late Registration (after March 15, 2019)

Add-On Training: April 14 & 17, 2019

($695 for half day Graphics seminar)

Full Package savings* of $400 for all 4 days (when booked together)

* Limit one discount per attendee                 


Grand Hyatt Washington DC 
1000 H Street NW      
Washington, D.C., USA, 20001     
+1 202 582 1234 

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