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Confused by a multitude of regulations from numerous government agencies scattered across disparate sources? PLC's unique education services coalesce critical requirements in an easy to follow, structured framework. Whether customized on-site, via webinar, or individualized on Webex, you can hone your labeling skills in a way that makes sense for you.

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The "Essential Guide to USDA Food Labeling"

Prime Label’s “Essential Guide to USDA Food Labeling” is the best! While many other resources can be difficult to sort through or decipher at times, the Essential Guide does a really great job of summarizing the most important labeling rules and subject matter. Well-organized, user-friendly, and with references back to the CFR, it’s become my go-to guide.
Jill Konecnik
Corporate Manager, Labeling Compliance & Specifications
John Morrell Food Group
Customized  On-Site Training

Tyson Foods wanted to ensure that their entire label development team was on the same page. Twenty six colleagues assembled to hear Prime Label present a customized training. It allowed us to ask questions that were specific to our labels and challenges, and gave us some great strategies to use in label approval. And the certification allowed us to collect continuing education credit as well.
Molly Miller, MS, RD 
Project Leader, Regulatory Services
Tyson Foods, Inc.

USDA Labeling Basics

USDA labeling can be very confusing with many different sources for rules, policies, and regulations. Stakes can be high with generic labels no longer having FSIS's stamp of approval. In addition, local inspectors are giving added scrutiny to labels, and the risk of Noncompliance Records is greater than ever. Learn the fundamentals of USDA labeling in this seminar. Our seminar covers:

  • Details of required and optional label features
  • How to obtain the appropriate type of approval - sketch, generic, or temporary
  • Essential record keeping ​practices and completing the 7234​-1​ ​form ​to assure rapid approval and successful ​label ​audits
  • Picking a product name - standardized, common or usual, descriptive, and fanciful​ - and ​required ​product name qualifiers
  • Intricacies of ingredient statement, net weight, handling statement, safe handling instructions, address line, and inspection legend
  • Introduction to nutrition labeling and the current regulatory status for USDA

and much more.....

Nutrition Labeling

This comprehensive course gives participants a thorough understanding of nutrition labeling for food products under federal regulation - the result: nutrition labeling that meets federal requirements, helps consumers, and puts your product in the best light. This seminar covers:

  • Recent changes to the iconic Nutrition Facts Panel
  • Requirements for nutrition labeling & selecting the correct program
  • Methods of nutritional analysis
  • Determination of serving size and servings per container
  • Proper declaration of mandatory and optional nutrients
  • Nutrition Facts Panel formatting
  • Nutrient claims, approvals
  • Other key processes

Please note that purchasing a Nutrition Labeling Manual is mandatory, as the book is referenced throughout the curriculum.

FDA Labeling Basics

FDA label requirements can be confusing, and trends change at a fast pace. In addition to stringent content and wording requirements, food labels must also comply with size, color, language, and location rules. Claims are also a moving target with many subtleties in wording and design. Learn the basics of FDA labeling rules and keep up with the latest developments.
Our seminar covers:

  • Required label features and formatting
  • Product naming - standardized, descriptive, fanciful, and required flavor qualifiers
  • Intricacies of ingredient statement, net weight, address line, and allergen declaration
  • Introduction to nutrition labeling and the nutrition facts panel
  • Specific ingredient requirements, including flavors, colors, oils, and spices
  • Insight into a variety of special statements and claims
  • Requirements for font prominence, feature placement, and relative size rules

and much more.....

Canadian Labeling

Canada has recently updated its food labeling requirements. In addition, it is up to food manufacturers to ensure their product labels are compliant before they go to market, and the regulations can be difficult to interpret. Learn the regulations that govern food labeling in Canada, and the differences with US labeling and CFIA enforcement.

Labeling & Marketing Claims

Ensuring compliance and substantiation of new product claims can be challenging. Labeling and marketing claims represent some of the best opportunities to differentiate and promote your product, but there is always a risk of warning letters and other enforcement when not managed correctly. Learn best practices from Prime Label’s visibility into emerging market trends, and leave with an understanding of a variety of FDA and USDA regulated claims claims. Our seminar covers:

  • Enforcement and risk mitigation framework
  • Nutrient, health, structure/function, diet, and immunity claims 
  • Natural, “clean label,” ingredient, and allergen claims
  • Bioengineered, organic, and non-GMO statements
  • Animal raising and grading claims, and third party certifications
  • Plant-based, vegan, and blended meat/vegetable products
  • Sustainability, transparency, geographic, and environmental claims
  • Considerations for novel products such as functional foods, CBD items, and innovative snacks

and much more...

USDA Generic Approval Best Practices

Now that Generic labeling applies to the majority of products, learn how to stay compliant and share lessons learned with your peers. Understand how to satisfy USDA's generic requirements while maximizing performance in the new environment. The seminar will cover:

  • What qualifies as Generic?
  • Complying with all required label features
  • Complexities of product name & qualifier statements
  • Generic claims compliance
  • Choosing the lowest risk approval process
  • Record keeping systems
  • Navigating enforcement & appeals

... and much more!

Dairy Labeling Demystified:
Navigating Federal and State Regulations

Thursday, March 14th | 2:00 - 2:50 PM ET
Speaker: Kathy J. Laviolette, Dairy Products Specialist II | NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets | Milk Control

While federal agencies such as the FDA and USDA establish overarching standards, states may also have their own specific regulations. In the realm of dairy product labeling, a complex regulatory landscape exists, involving both federal and state governments. This 50-minute, virtual session will be presented from the perspective of a Dairy Labeling and Standards expert with the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets. We'll discuss foundational dairy labeling requirements and gain insight on the State Department's crucial involvement in establishing standards, performing inspections, addressing consumer concerns and enforcement actions against companies that violate labeling regulations.

Individualized Instruction

Would you or a colleague benefit from intensive, personalized instruction in the latest in labeling -- of course! We offer one-on-one training by our labeling experts tailored to your needs. Remove the ambiguity of federal regulation, and let us do the hard work for you!

"Tyson Foods wanted to ensure that their entire label development team was on the same page. Twenty six colleagues assembled to hear Prime Label present a customized training. It allowed us to ask questions that were specific to our labels and challenges, and gave us some great strategies to use in label approval. And the certification allowed us to collect continuing education credit as well."
Molly Miller, MS, RD 
Project Leader, Regulatory Services
Tyson Foods, Inc.

On-Site Training

With PLC's on-site training, we bring our experts straight to your facility and your staff. This comprehensive, personalized instruction:

  • Provides a flexible, customizable curriculum adjusted to your products & experience levels
  • Is available in one to three-day programs, to optimize our ability to meet your needs
  • Maximizes your staff's access to our experts—let them get the answers they need, all in one place!
  • Offers strategic recommendations for your company's labeling practices and procedures

One-on-One Instruction via WebEx

Get all of the benefits of personalized labeling training—without leaving the comfort of your desk. Our one-on-one online instruction:

  • Offers interactive demonstrations that toggle between your product labels and their associated rules in PLC's regulation libraries
  • Gives your staff the freedom to access our expert training from where ever they are in the world (internet connection required!)
  • Provides the the ultimate one-on-one training experience tailored to your products—with step-by-step instruction using accessible screen sharing technology

With PLC's Certification Program, your company will reap the benefits of reduced labeling errors and be better prepared for label auditing. Give your labeling staff the confidence, productivity, and flexibility they need—contact us today!

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If you’re involved in any aspect of food labeling, you know how hard it can be to make sense of CFR requirements—and more than ever, processors are becoming increasingly responsible for the accuracy of their labels. The good news is, we're here to help! Put the wealth of PLC's labeling expertise at your fingertips with our labeling manuals—designed in cooperation with former government labeling officials to give you the  ultimate labeling resource you won't find anywhere else. 

Nutrition Labeling
for FDA & USDA Regulated Foods

This manual is designed as a self-study guide to the complicated calculations of nutritional labeling. And as a convenient desk reference, this manual is designed for your constant use. This exceptional, 300-page volume:

  • Covers every food under federal regulation—from (chicken) soup to (cashew) nuts
  • Is organized in an easy to read, step-by-step format, in language you’ll understand
  • Covers every aspect of required nutrition labeling
  • Includes nuances and topics you won’t find anywhere else
  • Tips and tools to help save you time and avoid costly errors
  • Straightens out the ambiguities in CFR / and more!
View Contents

The Essential Guide to USDA Labeling
for Meat and Poultry Foods

Whether used as a handy reference or a critical training tool, Essential Guide is an indispensable resource for all your USDA labeling questions. Now updated and expanded to reflect important changes in federal regulations, this 230-page manual includes:

  • Up-to-date information on regulatory jurisdictions, required label features, processing requirements, and more
  • The changing roles of USDA/FSIS and processors in label approval
  • Standards of identity, product name qualifiers and restricted ingredients
  • Label approval records best practices—to keep your local inspector off your back!
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Give your labeling staff the strong foundation they need, in a language and format that’s easy to understand. Order yours today!

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