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Label Alert Extra

Label Alert Extra is a free implementation guide to help companies transition to the new Nutrition Label Reform regulations. This far reaching update of the iconic Nutrition Facts Panel will have a much greater impact than just changing out numbers in a box. In each issue, Label Alert Extra will outline the 7 Steps to a Successful Transition, along with how-to guides, checklists and best practices required to convert on time and on budget.  This invaluable resource to help you comply with the new regulations while maintaining your brand value is brought to you by Prime Label Consultants' and SGS, a global leader in package production and related marketing services. rowse previous issues below:

  1. Understand the Impact
  2. Team, Timeline & Training
  3. Update Brand Strategy
  4. Plan Packaging Changes
  5. Audit Process, Data & Suppliers
  6. Scope Resources & Costs
  7. Execute Final Plan